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Beginnings Series

In Beginnings we will follow the ancient nation of Israel from its earliest ancestors to the moment it is poised to enter the land God promised them. As God’s covenant community follows the instructions laid out in the Pentateuch, they not only receive God’s blessings but also are uniquely positioned to bring renewal and healing to the world and to show all peoples the true character and nature of God.

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Since The Word of God is alive, active, and authoritative in every circumstance we take time each week to consider what is written in Scripture. That way, we are more equipped to align our lives around God and His ways, and experience His life. So, be assured the sermons start with His Word...


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We believe the fullest life possible can only be found in Jesus Christ. Even more, we believe the local church is the fullest expression of Christ in any culture and community. So, that’s why LifeGate is here…to open the way for you and your family to experience the life Jesus came to bring.


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Chad & Jenny have been serving in ministry for close to twenty years. Those experiences have prepared them for the launch of LifeGate Church in 2017. Along with their three kids, Chad & Jenny enjoy outdoor activites, eating out, and building things…including the local church.

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